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Why enter your horse in the database?
  • It will ensure that the information you want to stay with your horse does indeed stay with your horse.
  • If you sell your horse and your horse ends up in a less than desirable situation and is in need of a home, anyone with internet access can easily look up your contact information to alert you to your horse's dilemma.
  • Rescues will now be able to easily contact you for information on your horse so that they will be better able to find a suitable home if you are unable to take the horse back.
  • If your horse is registered and you sell or re-home your horse and the papers are lost, anyone with internet access can easily look up your horse in this database and see that indeed he is registered.
  • FlipMyLip.com database allows you to enter information for all horses, grade or registered, ponies, donkeys or mules that you feel is important to stay with them, such as your contact information, training, injuries, etc..
  • If your horse is ever lost or stolen anyone with internet access can easily look up and identify your horse and find your contact information.
  • Rescues when you adopt out a horse, You can now be sure your contact information stays with your horse.
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