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Q. Will my personal information including my email address be seen by anyone who looks up my horse?

A. No. All Personal Information is kept confidential, never released or displayed as defined in our Privacy Policy. This includes email addresses. If you do receive an email regarding an animal you have listed, you have the option to reply in any manner you prefer to maintain your privacy.

Q. What if there are more than 1 (one) horse(s) in the registry with the same number as my horse?

A. If there happens to be more than one horse with the same number, when you Search or Look Up that that specific number, all horses with that number will be shown in the listings. You will be able to identify, and select the horse you are searching for either by picture(s) provided the user posted them, or by the physical description. We encourage you to submit up to 6 pictures of each animal, and, provide a thorough description. Please include all markings.

Q. Do I have to pay a fee to find out if a horse has or has not been entered in to the Registry?

A. No.flipMYlip can not guarantee what horses are entered into the database. If do a search and you do not find the horse you are looking for you do not pay. If you find a horse that you think is your horse you have the option to purchase all the information pertaining to that horse or any other(s). But there is no obligation to do so.

Q. When I looked up my horse, I did not see it in the returned listings from the Registry – Do I have still have to pay the look fee?

A. No.

Q. Who can enter in this registry?

A. Anyone can enter a any registered, or grade horse, pony, donkey or mule in the flipMYlip registry. We Welcome Everyone and encourage all Registrations. flipMYlip was developed to Help All Equines, and Equine Owners. We are not partial or selective. The purpose of the Registry is to Help the animals communicate their pasts to Help Protect their futures, regardless of breed, age, sex, color, training or any other criteria. It is another Unique feature of flipMYlip. 

Q. Can I enter a brand number ?

A. Yes. Provisions for any Branded or Tattooed NUMBER can be entered as a Registration Field. However, a branded SYMBOL such as Double B can only be entered in the description of the animal. Breed Number Tattoos are welcomed.

Q. What type of information may I find out about a horse.

A. Each User, or person who lists information about a horse decides what information he/she wants to add. It may be detailed or basic. It can include training, injuries or quirks a horse may have, or simply just contact information. It is up to the discretion of the User. FlipMYlip highly recommends that the User is a detailed as possible in the physical description of the animal. This can aide Rescue Personal in an emergency, or Law Enforcement in the event a stolen animal is recovered. Personality traits, training, histories and other information is solely up to the User.

Q. What if I my contact information changes?

A. You can go into the registry and update your information as often as you like. It is up to each User to maintain their personal information, to keep contact information current if you wish to be contacted for any reason. flipMYlip has no way of knowing of any changes in your life, and is not liable or responsible for in accurate information.

Q. I have been told that a tattoo number can fade over time and can be difficult to read. Is this true?

A. While tattoos can fade over the course of many years, EquineIDs database was designed for people to enter even a partial number, so even with 1 (one) legible number you can complete a search. If you find your horse's number is fading your can simply have the number reapplied. We have been assured that in very general terms a lip tattoo can last 20 years before beginning to fade.

Q. How do I pay for the Information I retrieve from a search?

A. flipMYlip uses PayPal™ exclusively for all our financial transactions. You do not have to have a PayPal™ account to use their services. You do need an email address, and a valid debit card, credit card, or checking account. All transactions conducted through PayPal™ are very secure, as well as insured.

PayPal™ does not release any of your financial information to any entity including flipMYlip. We will receive verification of your purchase, a transaction number, and any shipping details if needed, from PayPal™. You will receive notification prior to completing the transaction, of what information we will see, a verification. They will provide to you documentation, receipts or confirmations of the same, when the transaction is complete. flipMYlip then acknowledges the transaction immediately to you, on our web page.

* If you have never used their services please visit their Web Site, read their Secure Policy. We are proud to partner with this proven Company.

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